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Wharf is now OPEN

To all our members and local community

The main work is now completed on the new pontoon extension. There are a few minor tidy up jobs to complete, but we can advise that the pontoon and wharf are able to be accessed for use, so fishing, swimming and of course the main role of boat use can all resume.

Thanks to current commodore Mike Dance and committee member Malcolm King for the final drive and push to completion, and before him James Pemberton for picking up the planning and consent work.

We also want to acknowledge and thank everyone involved for all the volunteer work and time they have given that has gone into this. It has been an ongoing project with limited budget and has spanned over several years and committees to get to this point. 

I know there is a lot of relief this job has now been achieved and members, helpers and contractors should be very proud of all the hard work they have done.

Happy summer fun!

Stillwater Boating Club Committee


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