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Haul Out Information

  • Haul Out and Hardstand services are for use by current full financial members. 
  • New members must hold an approved membership for >3months before a haul out can be booked.
  • Boats >10m in length may be required to provide a weight certificate.
  • Haul out is limited to a maximum of 12 tonnes including cradle and haul out trolley
  • Insurance and signed haul out documents are required prior to haul out.

Contact Yard Manager on 027 255 0203 or

Charges - Fees are as per the Schedule of Charges. The Committee of the Stillwater Boating Club reserves the right to review and/or increase the schedule of charges for haul out and hardstand    use at any time giving a months notice. 

Haul Out

  • All haul outs need to be booked and approved with required documents provided prior to      haul out. 

  • You are responsible to liaise with the yard manager to set up the cradle/haul out for your      boat and provide people to assist you. Please notify yard manager several days prior if you require assistance.

  • Hardstand stay is for a maximum period of three (3) months from the date your vessel is   hauled out. Additional time needs to be approved prior and increased fees will apply.

Payments -

  • Haul out fee of $175 is to be paid prior to haul out..

  • Hardstand charges are due monthly and within seven days of invoice.

  • Final balance shall be paid prior to the vessel being launched or taken away. All accounts must remain current.

  • Vessels for which hardstand and haul out fees remain unpaid may be sold to defray costs..

Insurance - Current vessel insurance is compulsory for haul out and hard standing.

Health & Safety - 

  • The skipper is responsible for the safety of crew and vessel at all times.

  • No sleeping or living on boats while in the boat yard.

  • All operations and work within the ramp and hard stand area shall be conducted with regard to the safety of the people involved and of the general public who may be in the vicinity, and comply with Health and Safety Regulations of the Stillwater Boating Club.

Compliance of Acts & Regulations - All operations must comply with club, council, environmental and/or any other regulations

Indemnity - You must agree and undertake to indemnify Stillwater Boating Club and/or any or all members of the Committee against any actions or omissions taken or committed by the yourself which causes loss, and/or destruction and/or damage of any nature whatsoever to any vessels and/or equipment and/or property belonging to Stillwater Boating Club or other while using Stillwater Boating Club’s facilities and/or on Stillwater Boating Club’s premises.


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