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Club Opening Hours Under Red Traffic Light

Hi to all our members. 

In these uncertain times regarding Covid-19 and under the current red traffic light restrictions we have modified our club operating hours to manage as best we can within the framework.

Our opening hours from 17 Feb 2022 now include Thursday and are:

Wednesday - CLOSED 

Thursday 4 - 8pm (Kitchen menu 5 - 7pm)

Friday 4 - 9pm (Kitchen menu 5 - 8pm)

Saturday/Sunday 3 - 8pm (Kitchen menu 5 - 7pm)

Takeaways will be available for members during the kitchen hours - sorry no phone in takeaways.

Please do not send your young children into the club drinking area unsupervised and older children above 12 years and 3 months will be required to show a My Vaccine Pass.

The Key points for Red Traffic light restrictions are:

  • We can open with My Vaccine Pass restrictions, which allows us up to 100 people, including children in our defined area.
  • Customers must be seated and separated from other groups.
  • You must wear a face mask when going to a hospitality venue — you can take your mask off when seated and to eat and drink, but you must wear a face mask when paying, using the bathroom and entering and exiting the venue.
  • Public-facing workers must wear face masks.

We have now moved to phase two of the Red Light System:

  • If you test positive for Covid-19 you are asked to immediately self-isolate for a period of 10 days (down from 14 days).
  • Household members of a positive case will also need to immediately self-isolate for a period of 10 days – household members will complete their isolation periods concurrently.
  • Close contacts (who are not household members) of a positive case will need to immediately self-isolate for a period of 7 days.

If you have any symptoms, are unwell, or discover you have been unmasked at a table with a positive person please stay away and take the steps outlined by the government and health care authorities.

These rules are not in place to upset you but rather to protect our vulnerable communities and health system from being overwhelmed by a possible rapid spread, and we would appreciate your support and understanding.

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