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CANCELLED. Kawau One Base Fishing Competition

SWBC Kawau One Base Competition Rules

This competition is run by the fishing committee or other nominated members of the Stillwater Boating Club. (The committee) This committee shall have final decision-making powers on the eligibility of any angler or catch entered into the competition. Timing, species and prizes available may be amended due to catch numbers, weather or entrants at the committee’s discretion. More information

Read these rules carefully and if in doubt ask a committee member for clarification. Entries that are deemed invalid will not be eligible for any prizes.

Fishing Method

NZ Fishing rules must be observed. Fish must be caught on a rod and reel.


The competition will be held between the hours of 7AM and 4PM, Saturday the 18th of November 2023. The postponement date will be the weekend following.

Fishing Area

Fishing must be conducted within 20 nautical miles of Bon Accord Harbour entrance.

The Competition

The competition will commence at 7am by way of a “shot gun” start between the 5 knot yellow marker buoys in Bon Accord Harbour. At this time a hooter will sound and a number will be sent to competitors that must appear in the entry photograph.

Entries must be received to by 4 PM on the day to be eligible for a prize. Purchase tickets online.

Prize giving will be held at a location onshore to be advised, weather dependant. BYO BBQ to follow.

Prizes will be by way of cash, along with sponsors spot prizes as supplied.

Recommended to monitor VHF Channel 3 for updates and information.

Valid Species

Eligible species will be as below but not limited to;

·         Snapper

·         KingfishPurchase tickets online.

·         Gurnard

·         John Dory

·         Trevally

·         Kahawai

Other species may be added at the discretion of the committee and will be notified prior to competition commencing.

No sharks, rays or eels.

Entering A Fish

One fish per species can be entered for the competition. An angler may send in more than one fish to be entered but only the longest eligible fish will be entered for any prizes. Entries must be sent to by 4PM on the day. All entries must have the angler’s name, species and length of the entry in the subject line. Late entries will not be accepted.

All entered fish must be of legal size.

In the event of a tie the entry that was received the earliest to the nominated email address will take the highest placing or prize.

Anglers must be in attendance at the prizegiving to receive/ be valid to receive their prize. No show – no prize. Prize giving location TBC.

Photographing The Fish

Providing a clear and valid image of the fish is the anglers responsibility and failure to enter a valid photo may be grounds for the committee to invalidate or deduct length from the entry.

Photos must be taken on a valid measure mat showing 5mm increments and a 90-degree stopper on zero. Tape measures and stickers are not valid. A list of valid measure mats and examples of photos can be viewed here Providing the measure mat has and L shaped end and has been provided by a reputable supplier then other measures may be acceptable. If in doubt contact a committee member, as the mat may need to be presented for scrutinising.

The fish must be placed so that the upper or lower jaw are against the stopper in their natural position (i.e., not elongated) and the tail is spread to prove length. Depending on the species and type of tail the measure will be taken to the shortest point of the V or longest point of the flat or inverted tail. Gutted, gilled or butchered fish will not be accepted. Measures will be rounded down to the nearest 5mm marking.

At the commencement of the competition the committee will announce via email and social media a number or object that must be in the photo. This object or number must be clearly visible in the photo and if incorrect or not clearly visible may be grounds for invalidating the entry.


Prizes will be awarded to categories as listed in the competition announcement, these categories will be divided into, but not limited to;

·         Snapper

·         Kingfish

·         Gurnard

·         John Dory

·         Trevally

·         Kahawai

·         Trifecta – combined length of on anglers entered catches of three valid species.


Competition entry must be received before the commencement of the competition.

The committee reserves the right to amend comp formats and rules and will do their best to announce these via social media, email etc.

It is solely the entrant’s responsibility to be aware of the rules and requirements, the committee will be available to explain or clarify any areas that the angler does not understand.

The aim of the competition is to be fun and inclusive, any behaviour or actions or deemed against this aim may be grounds for exclusion from the event.


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