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Covid-19 Level 3:Step 1 Update


From 11:59pm tonight Auckland will move into an easing process of Level 3 restrictions as the government introduces a phased step down of these restrictions, starting with Step 1 tomorrow which relates to OUTSIDE recreational and meeting activities. Many of you will be delighted to get back on the water again and use your boat. 

Please note the new rule stating a maximum of  2 households can gather outside, with a limit of 10 people gathering, also relates to being on a boat.   "If a boat has an enclosed space, only 1 household or bubble can go boating. If a boat does not have an enclosed space, 2 households or a maximum of 10 people can participate." See     

For club members Level 3:Step 1 means:

1. Access to the hardstand remains for work only, and the gate is to stay locked. Rules for entry into the hardstand will remain the same. See this link for rules

2. Haulout and Relaunch operations will now commence. Please contact our yard manager Gareth on 028 430 0116 to make arrangements.

3. The ramp will be open for both members and public to use, but parking is for members only. Please ensure you have your membership sticker displayed on your vehicle, so as not to risk any action being taken.

4. The jetty will now be open for members and the local community, but it's primary function will be for boat movements. Please keep to the 2m distance and keep the jetty areas clear as required. NB. Our jetty is privately owned by the club and is not for excessive public use.

5. The clubhouse will remain closed, but we will continue with contactless takeaways for everyone on Fridays and Saturdays - 4.30 - 7.30pm. For details click here

When launching or driving on the hardstand, please be watchful of people exercising, especially children.

Ensure you observe the Level 3 rules regarding 2m distancing, mask wearing, QR scanning, and staying in your allowed meeting bubbles in these areas. 

These phasing down steps are designed to allow for a careful and safe gradual lifting of restrictions. Please try to abide by them as best you can and do it outside only!

Thanks for your continued support 

From the Stillwater Boating Committee


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